Visions of Twenty 15

      Photography took a big leap in my mind across the course of 2014 and others across the globe.  While Instagram reached a record high of 200+ Million users worldwide - probably the same amount of people felt comfortable taking selfies of themselves while alone in a bathroom.  The undoubted popularity of photography has staggered and the on going stint of 24/7 captures shows us that no matter where you are someone is bound to take a photo or video clip of what you are doing.  This masses over to our curiosity on what people are doing at all times and we back each other up by sharing each others experiences by virtual invitation.  Didn't go to the gallery showing last night?  All good - you were probably there thanks to five instagram accounts that spammed your feed from it last night.  Couldn't make it to Coachella?  All you need is a Snapchat and Instagram account and you'll make it far as to getting your boob virtually signed at home by a member of ASAP's crew.  We're all connected at all times.  But is the spirit of what photography used to be in the film days still alive?  It very much is.  And it's not quite the film days anymore.  We're entering a hybrid of photography that excels anything we've seen before but in an instant and clean vision that has us constantly escaping into another planet.  This is the future of photography.

    In no particular order - I share with you photographers that are dedicated to their craft.  And with this - you see their vision, their struggle, their creativity, and our world.  What intrigues me out of each of these individuals is not only their captivating visuals but their demeanor towards sharing it.  It's a special confidence and gifted articulate to gather pieces of a puzzle and place it all together so effortlessly and natural.  What these individuals are trying to express - well I am still following them to figure that out.  Photography doesn't really have a destination.  It's a constant get up in the morning and shoot something lifestyle that places our disfigure and embellishes views of the world at that current moment.  We see what you see but in our own taste.  Your green is my blue.  That tone is fixated to your birth.  Our land is a vision of what was previous or what is to come.  Photography is all over Instagram.  Let me shorten up your time on Instagram's suggested users and cut to the chase on the future eyes of photography.



Simple, eerie and documentary - Zakkiyyah brings us her idealogies of her mind.
Hailing from Chicago - she brings us a series of multiple scenes that change within seconds.  Her style reflects a short story that happens within seconds and several body movements.  These series of photographs either daunt or heal your mind.  Her formal perspective and use of sheets give you a feel of what we choose to show in front of our curtains and hide behind them.  A short and sweet storyteller - with questions that arise from all her photos as photography should do.






A glimpse into the future.  Or is it the present?  Yungwolftown, originally hailing from Seattle before moving to NYC recently, shows us what the city really looks like.  As we dismiss the surroundings of the urban jungle by heading to the nearest subway after work or the happy hour at the bar - Elizabeth seeks out to reflect light in the night.  Her photos are filled with skyscraper views and compositions thru which you'd probably only learn on the Planet Saturn.  The captures she ignites on her feed is that of another dimension.  Photography has never been this crazy - and I think people are going to love it in the coming year.  There is not only endless exploration involved but a magnitude of love for humanity.  The wolf seeks and enlightens.  You'd be foolish not to roll with the pack and feel the energy from this unique eye. 


A variety of soul, meaning and colors.  Daniela brings everything to the table.  You won't even have to worry about forgetting what you ate yesterday because Daniela not only captured it but embedded it into a live story.  She's adapted a true New York style of progressive ideas towards our purpose for today.  You move forward with her photos and sense the awareness for the city and its humans.  To create is what we desire and the creation is an interesting journey that Daniela shares with us on her feed.  Walk amongst the streets of New York and know for certain that Daniela probably murdered the corner near you with a strideby capture with her eyes closed and a coffee in hand.  Swiftest photographer you will need to keep your eyes out for.


Jennilee's photography is a portal between a film awaiting to be released on quiet and still life.  I'm awaiting its final put together.  There are no words to describe the eye and closeness of her captures and she seems to be unlocking a new phase of character and attributes thru her work.  You feel as if there is a formula awaiting to be placed upon us that has the answer to all our questions in life.  But as you look deeper there is just unsurpassed beauty in each photograph.  The amounts of creativity is inspiring and I'd say her work is much more than an Instagram feed.  The work here should be hung upon our walls and a bottle of wine should be carefully chosen and sipped as you sit and ponder upon the world she frames in front of us.

In your face, right to the expression - don't care what you think or say.  This is New York street photography.  There is no other way to get the exact emotion unless you get close and snap away.  This is the motion of Flordalis hailing from the Bronx, NY.  Her ambition to capture those of the homeless and restless amongst the streets is undeniable.  It doesn't matter if a comet was heading straight for earth within the matter of seconds - if Flordalis sees her subject in the open she will target and rack up some great photos.  Her photography can sometimes be quirky and fun but with a twist of a zany and depressed mesh up.  Motions of hands and arms are visible and sometimes the shoulder up is all we need to see in order to feel the human in front of us.  What she's been able to prove so far gives me hope for the future of street photography in New York.  Some say this city has gone soft but I'd bet you wouldn't want to accidentally shoulder bump these guys on the streets.  Unless - her photography provides the idea that there is heart and warmth of these people we pass by everyday.  The meaning is endless.  Overall outstanding photography.

Blue tones and existential flow of water and sky combinations.   Nessa's work rivals that of a dream that you don't want to wake up from.  There is no other comparison when you look upon her feed.  And the composition of her photographs may even align better than our dreams.  It seems that the switches have been flipped and you've entered a continuum of endless wonder and adventure.  What brings it all together so well is the fact that we are looking into a Miami based environment.  Where are the vibrant colors and neon that we hope to see?  We've entered  a cold-inflicted Miami that inherits the will to reach out of the daily calm.  This is the side of Miami that is reaching to be seen and unfolded like it was the Blues/Jazz era all over again.  Fit with a classy and modest touch - Nessa preaches with few spoken words and let's us awe in response to how she places together these fragments of light.  Stay on watch - New York City is her new home to dabble and run a-mock on.  The way we see the city is about to change.

Nomadic Photo is a collective by Emmanuel that shares the human touch in a deeper sense in New York.   We see the black culture, the street culture, music, fashion, struggle and every day life.  There is a certain essence that Emmanuel brings to his photographs and it feels as if they were taken thirty years ago and embellished with a fragrance of neo-soul and a touch of dark shadow tones that mysteriously pull you into the story.   Spots of colors and lights are seen here and there and we see the flower bloom into a grown entity - disregarding any bad past or hardships that came before it.  Brooklyn is home to many and I feel that the true spirit of what Brooklyn and New York represent are attached to every click of the shutter.  There are never ending visuals and stories in this city and Emmanuel is just getting his feet wet in expressing what's steadily progressing out on the concrete. 

Sexy, hip and natural.  These photos aren't for everybody - but I know many would appreciate the ones that have purpose, are carefully composed and give  you the feel of the environment they are in.  Representing Miami and the beautiful women that surround it - Alvaro shares with us his view on some of the most natural poses by gorgeous women around the city.  It's not everyday we can look and appreciate a good and healthy body.  Alvaro takes it to the next level and gives us a double reflection via mirrors and beach water.  He's giving us twice the pleasure and will include a sunset here and there to make view more epic.  Many shots are a mix of fun and dramatic shots - outdoors and indoors.  There is a level of confidence that these photos show and this is - well on our side of the states things look pretty good.  Photos like these have never looked so good.  Tourism in Miami will skyrocket more and more as Alvaro continues to venture thru the pools and beaches and beyond. 

Nature photography is one of my favorite photographs to look at.  You're basically looking at all of what was here before us and most of it has been that way for years and years.  The simplicity and beauty of it gives a sense of reality to your eyes. That essence then gives you the urge to  quit your day job - move to a forest to then build a tree house and start a family in.  Nature is everything.  Ryan's photographs reaches out to all sorts of different climates such as deserts, parks, forests and the road.  Adventure is contagious and his photos give that calm and relaxing scripture to follow by.  His feed also shows the process of it all - from enduring the random weather conditions to starting that campfire towards the beginning of the long, quiet night.  We never know what we'll find as we wander off to the scattered paths.  And that's how you feel when viewing Ryan's photographs - gratitude towards the wondrous human interactions into the unknown. 

Just seven months shy of picking up his first camera, Ta-Ku is a musical artist that recently found his touch in photography.  Not bad for a rookie, eh?  As he travels worldwide displaying his ever-so-slick production and tunes, he takes his downtime and gives us a glimpse of airport and train downtime as well as human interactions from all continents.  What's impressive is that he's already started a few projects involving photography (No Sleep Project, Create&Explore, Do What You Love, and more on Instagram).  Don't know anyone else making this many moves in sharing photographic energy in a community.  It's about seeing each others perspective and I respect this mans intentions towards that.  If you want to see the world and what it entails - follow this man and your eyes will be open. 


Photography is looking damn good for the next year.