I have a friend who is literally the sun.  Magnificent things occur only around her and I don't  know how to explain the amount of sunshine she brings daily.  Nonetheless you must appreciate any sunshine you can gather these days and gather it for the good times ahead.  

    Sarah is her name.  Her and I planned out a venturous trip out to the Pacific Northwest to explore and capture the unknown.

    For a place common to have grey skies and occasional rain - Seattle was filled with nothing but warm temperatures and hot sunny vibes to boast upon us.  It was a sight to see everything so perfect and cleared up.  We explored the downtown area of Seattle, conquering pounds upon pounds of food.  At the same time there were nice enough locals for us to chat it up with a bit.  And then we had a chance to do some nature sightseeing outside of the city.  This is where things got interesting and meaningful for the both of us.

    Seattle is known for being apart of the TV series "Twin Peaks" that aired exactly 25 years ago.  I hadn't even entered planet earth at this point in time when it aired.  Nor have I seen the whole series (I am three episodes in as I type this).  Sarah is a huge fan of the show and had our trip planned out with destinations from the series and exactly where they were filmed. A diner was one of the locations from many of the scenes and in the process of visiting we had some damn good hot coffee and a piece of cherry pie that made you think twice about grandma's home cooking.  

    We then continued to visit Olympic National Park - an atmosphere filled with mossy trees and trails that could of been made by the Keebler Elves themselves.  It was a short visit but we were able to escape the city for the day and watch probably one of the most beautiful sunsets I've layed my eyes upon.  The next day was dedicated to another adventure - Mount Rainier.  This is an active volcano just a couple hours short of the city and view able from almost any proximity nearby.  This mountain caught our spirits off guard and showed us what seemed to be the set location that once was "The Sound of Music" film.  The sun was gleaming on us yet again as the volcano astonished all of the tourists around it and the wildflowers gleamed with more colors than a crayon box.  It was while we were up there that we realized how precious life is and what it meant to share this experience together.

    I have this theory that wherever Sarah is - something special is about to occur.  If it's a cloudy day, Sarah's arrival would have the showers clear and the sun peaking through.  If there is sadness in a room, the appearance of Sarah can give out nothing but smiles to make that all change.  There are quite a few things I've learned from her while I've hung out with her but the most benefiting aspect has been my ability to be more carefree like her.

The eagerness inside of her to accomplish the many daily tasks we are handed is something to take notes from.  There is no getting stuck somewhere with Sarah.  She will conjure a path and roll with any punches coming forth.  As the day ends and a new chapter begins the next morning - a whole new story unravels and the sun is there again.  It gives us energy to go forth another day.  

Thank you Sarah for being that sun.